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This Limited Edition Super Premium Rum is produced from

100% Pure Virgin sugar cane honey and has aged according

to a special Triple Cask Maturation method in old

Bourbon P.X. Sherry and Port wood barrels.


Each cask is specially selected and bottled by hand by

our Master Distiller.

  Santos Dumont  
Prior to bottling the Santos Dumont X.O. Rum has completed a unique triple cask ageing in old bourbon barrels, P.X. Sherry casks and Port Casks. Santos Dumont Rum Barrel   The rum has a pleasant viscosity with a buttery feel on the tongue.

The taste is finishing with a velvety soft and delicately sweet aftertaste with notes of vanilla and coconut.

This Rum is bottled by hand in limited
quantities and each single bottle is numbered and carries an additional number of the cask the rum was
drawn from.

This ads to the rum a variety of aromatic flavors and gives a smooth, rich and warm
taste of ripe fruits and honey like flavors.
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